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Membership Dues

(Dues are paid annually and are renewed each January.  Dues are non-refundable.  Substitutions allowed.)

First person from an organization – $750  (July-Dec $450)

Additional person from an organization – $450 each

Building Engineer $200

Student membership – $35

Gold Level Membership – $2,000

Silver Level Membership – $1,800

Membership Categories

Individuals that are members involved in the ownership, management, leasing or development of real estate such as office, corporate, governmental, medical, educational, industrial, cultural/sporting, retail, financial, religious, hospitality, manufacturing, warehousing, multi-unit residential, and mixed-use facilities. (Owners, investors, developers, brokers/leasing agents, managers, lead building engineers)

Individuals or entities that are members who provide a product or service to the real estate industry.  Allied members may also include companies/firms providing legal, accounting, engineering, banking, insurance, and architectural services

Special Categories

  • Students: Must be full-time students, currently and continually enrolled in at least 12 credit hours pursuing a real estate related degree or Business Major at an accredited university or college (physical campus or online).  Must have a valid student ID and not currently employed on a full-time basis within the real estate industry.  Exception is made for those employed in a real-state related internship.
  • Developing Professionals (aka Young Professional/Emerging Professionals): Must be employed by a Commercial Real Estate Company or Owner and would normally fall under the Federated Member category, with five years of less experience. If an individual is already a Federated Member, he/she is not eligible to fall under the Developing Professionals category.
  • Building/Facility Engineers: Any engineers not included in the Federated member definition.
  • Academic Professionals: Those who instruct full or part-time on a collegiate level in disciplines such as real estate, investment, development and facilities management and who are not employed by a Commercial Real Estate company, Owner or entities that provide a product or service to the real estate industry.
  • Transitional Member (aka Friend of BOMA): In the event a designated representative of a Federated Member is terminated or resigns from employment, the local can convert their membership to a Transitional Member for the next dues cycle or until the individual is employed, whichever comes first.
  • Support Staff: Individuals employed by a Federated Member to include Administrative Assistants, Accounting Staff, Tenant Coordinators and Security personnel. These individuals support the day-to-day operations under the Federated Member.