Professional Designations

Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP)

RPA, FMA, SMA, SMT Designation Programs

Courses for these professional designations are offered through the BOMI International.

For more information, visit the BOMI Web site or call 1-800-235-2664.

If you are interested in taking SMT, SMA, FMA or RPA courses, please contact BOMI directly to sign up for self study courses.

BOMI International
The Building Owners and Managers Institute (BOMI) is a not-for-profit corporation that has been providing practical continuing education programs for professionals working in the commercial real estate industry since 1970. The Institute was created in direct response to the industry’s demand for greater efficiency in property management, building maintenance, and energy conservation.

Real Property Administrator (RPA ® ) Designation

Facilities Management Administrator (FMA ® ) Designation

Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT®) and Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®) Designations

Instructor-Led Online Courses
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